No. 1 Rozema Teunissen

Rozema/Teunissen’s designs are part of a defining time in Dutch fashion. With their work, they have paved the way for generations but unfortunately until today, their heritage is not tangible, nor visible. The majority of their archive is analogue, put together way before the rise of social media and the internet.

Monument aims to bring these items back to the surface. This is the first publication fully dedicated to their work, and brings together a selection of images from the designer’s original archive, illustrated with quotes and excerpts from conversations. The issue features photography by Barrie Hullegie and an essay by fashion writer Renee van der Hoek.

Launch party

Monument 1 was launched at Amsterdam-based club Sexyland on June the 20th 2018. 

For this occasion, artist Maria Kley (Rijksacademie) created a “one-day-installation” in which she visualised the time that had passed between the making of the first Rozema/Teunissen item and the release of Monument. The haphazardly placed paper timeline, showing artefacts from the creation of the label as well as the magazine, enabled her to draw parallels between both processes. 

Monument counts 64 pages, measures 24,5 by 17 cm and costs 15 euros (ex. shipping)

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About Monument
“Monument oscillates between a DIY fanzine and a high-end journal. Such ambivalence in its materiality also reflects the publication’s unconventional concept—demonstrating how change in the trend-fixated fashion realm can be initiated and driven by retrospect”
—Valkan Dechev, Glamcult, August 2018

Monument is founded by Mary-Lou Berkulin and designed by Karen van de Kraats. The magazine focuses on Dutch fashion design around the turn of the century. Each issue is dedicated to a single designer or label, enabling the contributors to go in depth on the coming and passing of the designers who were part of the 1998 “Dutch wave”. It is the first publication to focus solely on these designers.

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